Carpet Cleaning Questions Answered:

How often should my carpets be cleaned?

We recommend a twice a year routine cleaning of your carpets to keep your manufacturer's warranty guidelines. This routine cleaning will also keep your home safe from allergens, and will prevent the buildup of mold and other unwelcome guests.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry off?

The estimated time it will take for your carpet to dry off changes from one carpet type to another, every kind of fiber takes a different amount of time. Also the normal temperature and humidity and the use of heating ventilation system you have will affect it. The maximum time is around 24 hours and the average time is between 5-9 hours.

What is the Window Treatment?

Your beautiful window decorations are installed to add beauty, privacy, and insulation to your living areas. Over time, as with everything else, dust, soil, sun damages, and host of other elements damage their good looks and use. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Pompano Beach will come and especially clean your drapery, fix the insulation, repair your blinds and shutters, and make your windows even more beautiful and useful.

Are your carpet cleaning solvents bio-degradable?

Yes. We only use green cleaning solvents that are proven to not harm the environment, safe for allergy sufferers, and are suitable for children, pets, and the elderly. Call us Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Pompano Beach at 954-933-8833 to get your home safe from allergies.

I have a valuable oriental rug, can I trust you with it?

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Pompano Beach services include same day pickup & delivery rug cleaning service. Your rugs will be taken to a special facility where they will be cleaned with the extra care needed to keep the colors intact, fabrics shining, and groomed to perfection.

Why Do You Need Mold Testing Services?

Prolonged exposure to mold can cause serious health hazards and destroy your property at the same time. Since mold may not always be physically identifiable, it can secretively thrive on your house or office. That's why you need our mold testing services.

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