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Mold Testing Services in Pompano Beach, FL

Mold is a type of microscopic fungi that is a critical health hazard. It is found everywhere in your surroundings; however, mold especially thrives in moist and humid areas. When its quantity increases more than the normal level, it can cause respiratory problems and skin allergies in children and adults. Prolonged mold exposure is not only harmful to your health, but it is also critically deteriorating for your property. If you suspect your house or commercial property is infested with mold, you need to contact professional mold inspectors immediately - 954-933-8833!

Our Professional Mold Testing Service

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Pompano Beach offers the best mold testing services in the area! Our mold inspectors aim to protect home and business owners from severe property damage.

To identify the presence of mold on a client's property, we send over our team of mold specialists who inspect the area thoroughly. Afterward, they carry out the required tests and determine whether or not the property is infested with an unsafe amount of mold. We provide qualified mold testing and inspection at homes, facilities, offices, and other larger properties.

How Much does It Cost to Inspect Property for Mold?

Our mold inspection services cost only $149! Cheaper than restoring the entire building from mold damage, right?

How Much does Our Mold Testing Cost?

The cost of mold testing can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the property, the extent of the mold growth, and the specific testing methods being used. The price of our basic package of 2 samples is $395. However, for larger commercial properties, or for those with high level of mold, the costs may be higher due to the need for more samples. Call us and our representatives will suggest the package you need and explain what is included in the cost.

Importance of Professional Mold Inspection and Testing

Since mold is not always identifiable physically, it can be thriving in dangerous quantities at a property without the inhabitants knowing it. That is why it is best to contact professional mold experts when moving to a new property.

In addition, we acknowledge the considerable health hazards of black mold and aim to minimize them through professional mold remediation and testing services.

Signs That You Need Mold Testing Services Right Away

Some signs give away the presence of mold. If you experience any of the signs mentioned below, you must contact us.

  1. You are endlessly suffering from a runny nose, headache, sore throat, or any other allergic symptom indoors without any concrete reason.
  2. There is a musty, dust-like smell on your property.
  3. Your property has water damage due to plumbing leakage or flooding.
  4. You have conducted mold removal yourself and want a professional to confirm whether it has worked or not.
  5. You are moving to or have bought a new house or commercial property and want to make sure it is free from mold.

How Do Our Techs Check for Mold Behind Walls?

In order to check for mold behind walls, our crew of experts performs the following.

Follow the Musty Scent of the Mycotoxins

Once mold starts to eat and grow, it creates mycotoxins as a waste product. This scent may be faint at the start, but it grows with the growth of the mold.

Search for Source of Moisture

The tech and restoration staff may also look for different sources of moisture. These could be leaking pipes, previous flooding, and humid conditions. Looking for the source may also help the technicians get a better idea of where the mold may be located.

Why Professional Mold Testing and Not DIY

Professional mold testing is a necessary procedure because it is difficult to identify the presence and type of mold growing on your property without our professional mold technicians. With the help of skilled team, you can get a proper mold assessment which is impossible to achieve with a DIY mold testing kit. In addition, once you sign up for our home and office mold testing services, it will be a long-term investment that ensures the safety of your property and your health from mold in the future!

We are proud to help you protect your property, together with our partner, O2 Mold Testing in Miami. They are local mold professionals, who we have chosen to partner with due to their professionalism, experience, and training. We trust that this will increase our availability for all our customers, and especially for time sensitive tasks such as mold testing.

Professional Mold Testing Near Me

Contact Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Pompano Beach right now to get the best professional mold testing services!

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